Our Mission

♥ To educate the general public regarding the need for potential bone marrow and blood stem cell donors, and the donation procedures involved when one “matches” a patient in need of a transplant.

♥ To recruit as many potential donors as possible, focusing on ethnic diversities where the need is greater.

♥ To raise the funds necessary to achieve these goals.

The first BIC fundraising event, the Walkathon, was held January 1990.


President – Mitchell Wright
Vice President – Brooke Harber
Secretary – Dr. Megan Hamner
Treasurer – Tom Quinn
Medical Director – Dr. Moyne Monts
Coordinator – Anita Quinn


Lori Ball
Doug Barnard
Eric Bartlett
Devon Beyer
Sharon Denton
Ryan Dixon
Colt Edwards

Merry Kaye Edwards
Lupe Gonzalez
Sommer Jennings
Deanne Loftis
Patric McGaughey
Sharon Sanders
Brett Wilkins