Our Mission

♥ To educate the general public regarding the need for potential bone marrow and blood stem cell donors, and the donation procedures involved when one “matches” a patient in need of a transplant.

♥ To recruit as many potential donors as possible, focusing on ethnic diversities where the need is greater.

♥ To raise the funds necessary to achieve these goals.

The first BIC fundraising event, the Walkathon, was held January 1990.


President – Merry Kaye Edwards
Vice President – Mitchell Wright
Secretary – Dr. Megan Hamner
Treasurer – Tom Quinn
Medical Director – Dr. Moyne Monts
Coordinator – Anita Quinn


Doug Barnard
Eric Bartlett
Sharon Denton
Ryan Dixon
Colt Edwards
Jay Edwards

Lupe Gonzalez
Brooke Harber
Sommer Jennings
Deanne Loftis
Robby Martin
Sharon Sanders