October 22, 2009
Diana Brewer, a nurse and mother of two young children who lives in Longview, met little Hailey Franco, age 7, of Katy. Brewer said she was excited that Because I Care made it possible for her to meet the little girl for whom she donated marrow.

Because Hailey is a minor, Brewer’s contact with the family had mostly been with Hailey’s mother, Kelley Franco.

Brewer stated that her experiences as a health care professional and parent made her want to be part of the donor program. She joined the marrow donor registry at a Because I Care recruitment drive.

“I was surprised when I got the call because I’d registered back in 2000,” Brewer said. “However, I was happy to be able to help a child.” The transplant took place in early 2007, when Hailey was five years old.

Hailey, who has an autoimmune disease, said she was excited to meet Brewer.

Donor Diana Brewer and Recipient Hailey Franco